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About Us

About BQ Financial

CSY5®Kai-Zen Made Easy Since Program Inception

BQ Financial is an insurance brokerage & general agency established in 2002. As the top IMO for CSY5®Kai-Zen nationwide, we provide private pension and retirement protections and other insurance and financial products from top U.S. insurers for Premium Financing, Life, Annuity, and Medicare.

Whether you are a customer or financial professional, BQ Financial  is sure to be able to offer you something you need.

Our flagship product, CSY5®Kai-Zen, specially designed to survive the hardest economic conditions for middle class household with $100K annual income or more, offers the following unique features:

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BQ Financial Is At The Highest IMO Level For Our Major Carriers/Products

CSY5®Kai-Zen is Selected from Hundreds of U.S. Based Top Insurers, Made Possible by the joint effort of 5 parties(companies), and Distributed through limited number of Qualified IMOs including BQ Financial.

Why Choose Us

Take The Right Steps To Financial Freedom

BQ Financial Services, or BQ of New York Inc. was co-founded in 2002 by Robert Jin who started as a MetLife agent in 1995.

Throughout these years BQ has become the leading life insurance BGA and a nationally recognized and client-trusted IMO.

BQ Products/Carriers:

BQ Financial works direct with Vendor NIW and all core carriers at the highest IMO levels, which in turn, ensures the levels of BQ compensation and support, are all at the highest for BQ agents and clients.

We elect the most popular products from hundreds of insurers, which optimizes the selection of the right products for BQ customers.

Our Service

BQ serves customers from all over the USA, with BQ Producers located throughout several major metropolitan cities in the United States; BQ Financial serves as one-stop shop for all life producers. BQ Financial has developed unique capacity of serving the advanced markets, with BQ Financial's own brand name cutting-edge CSY5®Kai-Zen programs!

Professional Service

BQ is an Industry Leading IMO With Decades of experience and Knowledge

Support 24/7

Contact Us Anytime. We are always here to provide customer & Agent support

Customer Care

We treat our clients like family while providing generations of stability

Insure Smart. Enjoy Life.

CSY5®Kai-Zen is a potentially tax-free solution to save more money in 5 years with less risk and greater upside potential.

Enhancement: Private Pension & Protections

$ 20K+ Annual Contributions
  • Fully Funded In Only 5 Years
  • 3X Dollar Match
  • No Maximum Contribution Limits
  • Tax Advantage Savings: Potentially double/triple your benefits
  • Livings & Death Benefits

CSY5 Plan

$ 100K+ Annual Income Households
  • Major Investment Loss Rescue
  • 300% Match by Lender
  • Leverage Your Investment
  • Safe With 0% Floor
  • Tested Against 2 Major Risks
  • Tax-Free Return

Enhancement: Cash Value Life Insurance

Tax-Free* Potentially, with living benefits
  • Indexed earnings
  • LONG Guarantee
  • Flexible
  • Return: Fixed + ~2%
  • Using OPM

BQ Financial

What Sets Us Apart

A. As a nationally recognized top IMO, BQ Financial has been working with Kai-Zen vendor and insurers well before Kai-Zen’s inspection and has been authorized to co-brand CSY5 with Kai-Zen and translate the Kai-Zen marketing materials since the beginning.

B. BQ Financial tackles more risks and money problems with one single blow solution – CSY5®Kai-Zen in the most effective way! We truly support CSY5®Kai-Zen as a nationally recognized & client-trusted multi-carrier IMO since its inception.

C. For those who can not qualify for CSY5®KAI-Zen, for their retirement investments product, we offer RILA (Registered Index Linked Annuity), a new type of annuity that offers both upside market potential, and downside protection on the variable annuity chassis.

D. BQ Financial offers a unique opportunity for CSY5 clients to Become a CSY Club Member whose benefits include an opportunity to participate in Sharing Economy with CSY5®Kai-Zen and get awarded financially and spiritually!

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