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Triple private pension & protection benefits by choosing CSY5!

All humans are born equally naked: no clothes on their day one!  However, some lucky ones are born into rich families with given wealth!  Similarly, you as a middle-class American taxpayer “bumping into” this website are about to be “given” double/triple private pension & protection benefits by choosing CSY5!   Aren’t all our lives about making choices and efforts on things bearing our own lifetime results?! 

A true personal story:

I  took a 3-hour flight from New York to attend the national conference in 2022 to receive the Award for CSY5 business. “ can I ask you a question?” The Uber driver continued as I got into the car at the airport, “whenever I have a new customer I will ask him or her a question”. I answered, “Of course, Please ask!”  The Uber driver then said “what is the most important life lesson to you ?” “Oh that’s a big question! ”I said, after a minute I answered:
1.“Making the initial right choice is far more important than making efforts!”   
Then, after pondering this answer for 2 and half months, I developed my second answer:   
2: “Making a choice without knowing the existence of other better choices (ignorance) will lead to your greatest loss beyond repairs!”  
The Uber driver asked on the same day “what makes you think so and can you explain with examples?”   Well, here is my answer with the examples:   
Example 1: Both born and brought up in South Africa, Elon Musk made the right choice of coming to North America at age of 17 with $2k on him and becoming the most wealthy & successful man in the world, whereas (Ms. Loma made the wrong choice of going to the wrong place and ended her life at age 29!” ) ……( I will share my story with you only in person!)  
Example 2:  For 60 years old man residing in New York named “Robert”, who is a healthy, nonsmoker, invested $56,750 x 5 years = $283,750, from the same top-selling carrier, for the same periods of accumulation & distribution, with similar market risks, he would have the following options A, B, and C below to choose from: 
A) Whole Life:  
Annual Income: $18,000  
Total Income: $288,000  
Total Benefits at Age 90: $401,970  
B) Fixed Indexed Universal Life (FIUL):  
Annual Income: $27,000  
Total Income: $432,000  
Total Benefits at Age 90: $678,299  
C) CSY5:  
Annual Income: $70,000  
Total Income: $1,120,000  
Total Benefits at Age 90: $1,417,740  
You will conclude that Robert, who can qualify for all three options, would take C above as his only choice!  
However, in reality, most advisors/customers alike will end up choosing A or B, instead of C, even though Choice C benefits more than double those of B and triple those of A, because the most customer/financial advisors don’t understand option C, or even worse still, many advisors are forbidden from recommending C,  due to so-called channel conflict!!! Therefore, option C can never be the choice of the customers of these advisors!  
Fortunately, we hope you won’t have this problem because you now know the difference and you are with one of the nationally recognized top Preferred IMO, BQ Financial!  
Imagine many people have made their choices of advisors (who may be excluded from recommending CSY5,  often disallowed by advisors’ ignorance, or their employer/higher Hierarchy or government regulations, subsequently the investment/insurances choices these advisors help make, are without even knowing the existence of other much better choices! The big difference in the financial services industry regarding making your financial/insurance protection choices is that you can insert the very same or similar efforts by contributing the same amount of principal money, for the same period of accumulation & distribution, at similar levels of risks, but lead to vastly different results, as different as causing you living your retirement on a beautiful beach or on an old ugly bench! 
With all practical, financial, and mathematical measures pointing to CSY5 as your ideal choice, assuming you are financially prequalified (age between 18 and 65, households income of $100k or more, and can afford 5 years’ contributions/premiums), can get underwriting approval, and your needs are long term retirement income & insurance protection benefits, CSY5 will probably be your way to go!  
Don’t delay even one day of your life moving towards making the right choice! You could in one day get COW-kicked (ask a BQ agent or staff what means by “COW-Kicked”) off your benefits worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for your private pension & protection benefits! 
At BQ Financial, we highly value our independence and freedom of choice in the financial services industry. We certainly welcome those who value independence and freedom of choice!

BQ Financial Is The leading General insurance brokerage agency & Top IMO for CSY5®Kai-Zen nationwide!

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