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Save 3X More Than Your 401K With access to tax free cash!

CSY5 Provides Secure Life Insurance With both living and death benefits PLUS Up to 3 Times Matched Retirement Contributions.  All Fully Funded Within 5 years!

Protected "Private Pension"

CSY5 offers upside stock market potential with no downside risk. Specially designed for middle class household with over
$100K annual income.

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We Provide Financial Services for Investment Professionals & Individuals. Schedule a 15-minute 1-1 online demo today and "test-drive" the entire program for yourself. Whether your looking to expand your product offerings to clients or you are looking to save more for retirement, our CSY5 plan is the perfect choice for you and your clients.

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As an activist for his profession, Robert Jin and BQ Financial have earned their reputation as a reliable, responsible, influential, and innovative firm.

About BQ Financial

Investing Made Simple Since 2002

BQNY is an insurance brokerage & general agency established in 2002. As the top IMO for CSY5®KaiZen nationwide, we provide private pension and retirement protections and other insurance and financial products from top U.S. insurers for Premium Financing, Life, Annuity, and Medicare.

Whether you are a customer or financial professional, BQNY will sure be able to offer you something you need.

Our flagship product, CSY5, specially designed to survive the hardest economic conditions for middle class household with $100K annual income or more, offers the following unique features:

Why Choose Us

Take The Right Steps To Financial Freedom

BQNY focuses on selecting true life insurance policies that can be used when you are still alive: you can enjoy the “benefits” of a tax-free income of $100,000 per year after you retire, rather than leaving the benefits to others after your death.

The life insurance sold by other agencies focuses mostly on the “death claims” and “death benefits”. After all, it is important to take good care of yourself before you can care about others. The tax-saving retirement income plan C$Y® exclusively patented by  BQ Financial , is the first choice for business owners, executives, and professionals who have annual incomes of more than $100,000.

The CSY®’s benefits include: retirement income (tax-advantaged), protection for critical, chronic (in need for Long-Term Care), and terminal illness, death benefits and many other benefits. Our products are unparalleled and very popular throughout the United States, the company provide unique insurance and financial solutions for thousands of clients over 20 years.

Make The Smart Investment Choice

Schedule Your No Obligation Demo Today to Learn How BQ Financial can enhance your current plans in comparison to other investments.

BQ Financial Is At The Highest IMO Level For Our Major Carriers/Products

CSY5 is Selected from Hundreds of US-Based Top Insurers, Made Possible by the joint effort of 5 parties(companies), and Distributed through limited number of Qualified IMOs including BQ Financial.

A comprehensive line of insurance and financial products

Helping you build your net worth

BQ Financial Is The leading General insurance brokerage agency & Top IMO for CSY5®Kai-Zen nationwide!

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How We Work

Dedicated to Combining the Ideal Aspects of Insurance Distribution in a Unique Way

Finding the suitable channel is of the utmost importance for insurance professionals and customers alike– the first step into a right or wrong door will determine the levels of satisfaction for your future career and/or financial life.
There are 3 main channels for life insurance distribution in the U.S.

Most producers work with one of the above three channels. However, BQNY is an independent BGA that combine all merits of the above-mentioned three channels and select its products from different companies. Therefore, BQNY has the advantages of all the three channels.

This channel focuses on selling proprietary products of only one company. Advantage: generally agents know their products of their own company; Disadvantage: Choice of products is generally limited to their proprietary product and a few others appointed by this company.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Type 1: focus on selling a single FIUL (Fixed Index Universal Life) product from one single insurer (National Life); their philosophy is “Simplify & Multiply”.

Type 2:  focus on selling a few products from 2-3 insurance carriers, often described as “too many layers” of organizational support and customer service.

Independent Brokerage General Agent (BGA)

BGAs recruit licensed producers and train them so that they can offer whatever product suitable for their market through the BGA. BGAs represents whatever products suitable for their market.

Financial Plan

Insure Smart. Enjoy Life.

CSY5 is a tax free solution to save more money in less time with less risk and greater upside potential.  

Individual Retirement Enhancement

$ 20K+ Annual Contributions
  • Fully Funded In Only 5 Years
  • 3X Dollar Match
  • No Maximum Contribution Limits
  • Tax Advantage Savings
  • Livings & Death Benefits

CSY5 Plan

$ 100K+ Annual Income Households
  • Upto 3X Dollar Match
  • No Contribution Limits
  • Tax Advantaged Savings
  • Fully Funded in Only 5 Years
  • Living & Death Benefits
  • Potentially double/triple your benefits

Financial Professional Benefits

50% Commission Paid
  • Fully Automated Online Portal
  • 2X The Benefits To Offer Clients
  • Simple Refferal - No Selling Required
  • No Commission Limits
  • Special Benefit Options


Common Investment Questions

More detailed answers can be found on our interactive platform. For more personal questions, contact us.

No, the bank uses the policy as the only security for the loan. The bank must be repaid before you can access the policy’s cash value. There are no loan guarantees. There is no liability outside of the policy itself.

If the loan is still in place at the death of the participant, the lender will be repaid, and the remaining funds will be sent to the trustee to deposit into the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. If no loan is in place, funds will be sent to the trustee for disbursement. The trustee will then pay the proceeds to the designated beneficiaries. If you need to access the living benefits while there is a loan in place, you or your family will need to contact the plan administrator or the trustee to help facilitate a smooth loan repayment. Once the loan has been repaid, the participant can work with the carrier to access the living benefits.

Yes, but the bank must be repaid before you can access your policy’s cash value, death benefit or living benefit riders. If you decide to get out of the program, you can either surrender the policy, or pay off the loan and take the extra money. Or, you can take a policy distribution to pay off the loan and use the remaining cash value to keep your policy in force.

All administration and trust costs are charged up front in the five annual contribution payments to cover all 15 years of servicing and trust fees. Administrative fees are “non-refundable.”

CSY5 offers you the following 5 matchless benefits!

  1. Quadruple your contribution/additional 3 times more money added to your contribution
  2. Reduced Market risk, upside potential with no downside risk
  3. Double/triple your income and benefits
  4. Tax-free instead of tax-deferred
  5. 5+1 Insurance protection, Long-term care

You can own a term with living benefits for the first 15 years before the bank loan pay-off. After the bank loan has been paid, your retirement income will no longer be affected.

*Not available for all carriers

By almost quadrupling your contribution, through 3 times more contribution form the lender, without any market risk, you get more money working for you. In addition, with tax-free* loan from the policy for retirement income, being not subject to any future market and loan risk, your benefits will be doubled, even tripled, under the same economic conditions.

Advantage: Easy underwriting for those who can't provide tax report for the required annual income for sufficient number of years and take away the worry of future premium payments.

Disadvantage: The contribution not paid in the policy will be hold in the trust which earns at very little interest, similar to money market fund.

Individuals who:

  • Age between 18* and 65
  • Healthy
  • Annual Household income over $100K
  • Be able to pay 5 years of premium
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