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CSY Membership

Membership Benefits

Unique CSY Member
Only Benefits

As owner of CSY5 plan, you and your immediate family will automatically become CSY Club members, who are offered an opportunity to launch your own CSY5 Sharing Business with BQ Financial’s unique expertise support. This opportunity is unique only to CSY Club members via BQ Financial. Club members may choose to get licensed & contracted with insurers through BQ and need to participate only in less than 15% (1/7) of the workflow and sales processes, namely sharing your CSY5 true personal stories and be awarded/easily earning much larger than 15% of agent commissions, plus full increment bonus and full 6 Generation Production Matching Bonus!

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Earn More With CSY5 Membership

Sharing Economy vs Others

BQ Market
  • We started with Asian/Chinese-American Market and gradually developed into the upper-middle class American Market with focus on Kai-Zen whose client profile includes $100K+ household income, healthy 18-65 years old personnel who would like to:
  • Leverage Their Private Pension & Protections (against critical, chronic, terminal & death)
  • Reduce Taxes
  • Recover Their Major Investment Losses
BQ Producers
  • BQ Producers work interdependently in two types:
  • Full-time specially trained mentors who deal with the most complicated financial situations of products, clients and most of the sales process.
  • Insurance producers or former CSY5 clients who have chosen to participate in CSY5 business by sharing their experience in purchasing and owning CSY5 and get compensated as licensed BQ Sharing Agents. Most never thought their owning the CSY5 Policy would trigger Sharing Economy with CSY5 as a "buy one get one free" opportunity, unique to BQ Financial.

Your sharing will help eliminate potential clients’ doubt inevitable: “CSY5®Kai-Zen is too good to be true!”  Most of our clients who’ve finished their 5 annual premiums either started to buy their second policy on themselves or on their family member…. They find CSY5®kai-Zen “truly matchless in the industry”.

Lead a meaningful life that is constantly elevated happy and fulfilled spiritually because of your helping others leverage & protect their retirement lives like no one else can!

Club members could get their license and contract through BQ and start their online entrepreneur opportunity with no start-up cost. Let OPM (Other people’s money) become a major part of your business! No startup cost. No stock market risk. Zero inventory. Extremely low human error risk and “no legally involved risk with bank’s leveraging money”. Online entrepreneurial opportunities. Full time or part time. At home or outside. Unlimited earning potentials. Scale without limits!

BQ unique business model makes sure:

With the expertise that only a nationally recognized and client trusted top producing IMO can provide, BQ Financial is ready to involve the sales of every case with the entire sales processes with well-trained BQ staff and top-producing mentors experienced from ®KaiZen program inception!

Life and house and health insurance policy concept idea. Finance and insurance.

CSY5 Membership Is Easy

Your membership benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Referral-only: 15% work on 1/7 Sales Procedures

  2. 50% of top agent commission

  3. Full sponsorship bonus

  4. Full 6 generation production matching bonuses

  5. Unlimited income earning potential

  6. Enhanced quality of life and lifestyle


Frequently Asked Questions

More detailed answers can be found on our interactive platform. For more personal questions, contact us.

You must be a CSY Club Member or an advising Board Member.

All individuals and their immediate family members who have purchased CSY5®️ Kai-Zen Program will be members of the CSY Club automatically. Thank you and your family for becoming members of CSY Club. The specially invited advising Board Members are specially appointed by BQ Financial.

Sharing economy is to put idle excess capacity into play and share it with the public, resulting in a win-win effect of 1+1 is greater than 2, so that every participant pays a relatively small amount and maximizes the benefits!

For example, a family recently traveled and used Airbnb for the first time, then came back to join Airbnb to share the business/economy, decorate their extra room, and put it on Airbnb to rent out to make money.

The 4 prerequisites are: Excess capacity; The online platform; Sufficient profit margin; Collaborators who are not prone to mistakes. Let’s further illustrate as follows:


  1. Excess capacity:

For Uber, it's unused private cars and empty seats other than drivers’; For Airbnb, it is unoccupied beds/rooms/homes; For CSY5 Business, it is BQ Financial’s IMO contracts for multi-carriers and Kai-Zen as well as the excess capacity to sell and handle insurance cases. There is no limit to the number of BQ Financial Agents we can recruit and cases we can sell.


We find the success formula for CSY5 Business: A + B + C.

A: CSY Club Member (CSY5 owners and their immediate family members)

B: Independent Life Insurance Agent with a positive experience in owning and selling FIUL

C: 1 Retirement Plan Investment Specialist.

For most people, it is easier to become A than B/C or A&B, but all the club members (A) can have the opportunity, unique to CSY5 clients,  to start to be licensed, share the BQ Business by telling their CSY5 stories straightforwardly, and get compensated both spiritually and financially. Let BQ Financial Professionals handle your cases as B and C.


Since we are doing business remotely through our agents across the country for training and presentations, to meet with one person or a thousand-person at the same time online, it’d be the same Thus, sharing becomes reasonable. It is the content, the trainer and/or presenter that makes all the difference!


  1. Technology, systems, and platforms make sharing not only possible but also easily profitable! The ILIA Platform, makes it easy for CSY Club members to get involved in sharing; The BQ Comp system, a profit distribution system, makes profit sharing transparent, clear, and executable; Six companies from five industries get involved in CSY5 making: the parties supervise and follow up on all aspects of CSY5 plan. In short, because of internet technology and our service platforms, sharing business as a Member Agent is not only possible but also easily profitable to the members as well as BQ Financial.


  1. Sufficient profit margin: sharing economy usually involves expensive commodities such as cars and homes. The pencil is definitely not worth sharing in this content. The CSY plan involves pension and insurance protections, which equals to 6 times of the retiree’ housing on average to maintain a retiree’s life style. The nearly 3 times of more money put into a CSY5 policy by Bank, enables over 80% more profit margin than an ordinary FIUL policy. Thus, all parties involved are profitable, therefore, willing to work together for long term.


  1. The development of the shared economy is inseparable from reliable collaborators: you must deal with people who are guided to do the right things that they can not go wrong!


CSY5, is carried on FIUL life insurance with potentially tax free distributions, upside market index potential with no downside risk!


Due to the no legally involved loan risk by Client, the up to 3 times leveraged capital, will usually lead to double/triple retirement benefits!


With the two worst scenarios tests: the Great Depression performance test and the 1980 Bank interest rate test, and under AG 49A restrictions on FIUL illustrations, CSY5 has been designed to  survive the hardest economic conditions!


All recruiting, product design & illustrations, and 7 Sales Procedures, follow human-error free standardized routines. Unlike regular life insurance sales, all illustrations, plan designs are done by the designated company/personnel instead of by individual agents!

The first unique advantage: “5-zeroes are our five “heros” plus never out of stock”: the operating cost is almost "zero" for member agents! The probability of human error is almost "zero"! The stock market risk is "zero", and the lending risk is "zero" + customer self-payment! Inventory is "zero"! Nevertheless, CSY5 policies are never out of stock!


Second unique advantage: Flexible online business for our members: do it at home or remote, part-time/full-time, freedom to choose working hours/spaces/locations; as long as the internet is available!


Third unique advantage: “Networking = Sharing your CSY5 stories = Earning unlimited”: It only requires the sharers to be willing to share the CSY5 plan with their expanded qualified interpersonal relationships through chatting and other means; Follow the BQ strategy: only need to share, no need to push for sales: the premise is that the entrepreneur must first become the owner/purchaser of the CSY5 plan, before being eligible to share with other qualified people, otherwise it is still a sales pitch.


Fourth unique advantage: CSY5 clients are given access to ILIA, Interactive Learning Information Assistant, which enables them to do their own proposals and comparisons with other major investment options, so the clients are well informed in their decision making before they enroll themselves, sign and summit their applications online. This business model eliminates the possibility of human error in designs and sales, and promotes the joy of everyone who buys and sell, they usually will be so satisfied with the plan that most will voluntarily start their second and third plans! This has become universal and inevitably a lifelong necessity that any living tax-paying, high-income person must own: who wouldn't want to retire early?! Who wouldn't want a lifetime pension with protections to be secured?!

First 🦅: Let our own lifestyle and life be enhanced! Like attracts like, people of a mind fall into the same group: being able to do good to people like yourself by giving them more financial security and freedom!

Second 🦅: have stronger retirement security and financial freedom for yourself!

Third 🦅: both you as the member agent and your referral clients may easily earn another unlimited and substantial income for an extra part-time business if you and they so choose!

Fourth 🦅: you can get engaged in CSY5 insurance business and offset income tax (specific questions please consult tax professionals)!

Become a member of the CSY Club. Individuals who have purchased CSY5 for 3 months or more and their immediate family members over the age of 18, automatically become CSY Club members In order to enjoy the membership benefits. Sharing irreplaceable personal experiences of the CSY5 program with others is the basis for anyone to share CSY5 and BQ services with other prospective clients.

Obtained the life insurance agent license and became the legal agent of the CSY5 Plan Business.

Began with “Project 100 " (refer 25 minimum potential qualified) CSY5 customers.


> BQ Robert:

To cope with our members’ efforts, BQ conducts weekly, or at any time available, CSY5 VIP Demo1, either 1 on 1 or in a group, by completing the first (refer clients) of seven CSY5 Sales Procedures with the rest of  six major processes completed by BQ team of specialists.  Member agents get involved only when Otis necessary! Your success is guaranteed!!!

"Introducing the satisfactory products you have to others is sharing; Introducing a product you don't own to others and hoping that others will buy it with you is selling! We just need members to participate in sharing, no selling! Because it's easy to share, hard to sell!”


“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn!”

                  Benjamin Franklin


As a CSY5 program owner and CSY club member, you have participated in the CSY5 program and have learned the magic of the CSY5 program more easily than 99% of the current public! So, even if you only need to participate in less than 15% or one-seventh of the workflow and workload, you will receive more than 15% doubled agent commission, full recruiting/sponsorship bonus, and full six-generation matching production bonus, plus the benefits of the tax deduction for business expenses, the potential for unlimited income, and a life that is constantly improved by helping others stay in style and away from poverty!