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CSY Club Membership

Membership Benefits

Unique CSY Club Member Only Benefits

BQ Financial’s CSY Owners’ Club is formed for CSY5 policy owners/their immediate family members to network with like minded individuals, enjoy exclusive member benefits, and gain unique opportunity for sharing economy with CSY5 business in order to enhance members’ lives financially & spiritually. Online entrepreneurial opportunities.  Part time or full time. Outside or at home as long as there’s internet. No market risk. Zero inventory. Doing the business alone with BQ Support or with a team you build up. Unlimited earning potential. Scale with no limits!  Leverage private pension and protections like no one else can!

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Earn More With CSY5 Membership

Sharing Economy vs. Others

  • Your sharing will help eliminate potential clients’ doubt inevitable: "CSY5®Kai-Zen is too good to be true!"  Most of our clients who’ve finished their 5 annual premiums either started to buy their second policy on themselves or on their family member…. They find CSY5®kai-Zen “truly matchless in the industry".

    Lead a meaningful life that is constantly elevated happy and fulfilled spiritually because of your helping others leverage & protect their retirement lives like no one else can! Therefore, BQ encourages our existing clients to share their stories and share our business!

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Get started on your way to financial freedom and peace of mind today by becoming a CSY5 Member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More detailed answers can be found on our interactive platform. For more personal questions, contact us.

You must be a CSY Club Member or an advising Board Member.

All individuals and their immediate family members who have purchased CSY5®️ Kai-Zen Program will be members of the CSY Club automatically. Thank you and your family for becoming members of CSY Club. The specially invited advising Board Members are specially appointed by BQ Financial.

Sharing economy is to put idle excess capacity into play and share it with the public, resulting in a win-win effect of 1+1 is greater than 2, so that every participant pays a relatively small amount and maximizes the benefits!

For example, a family recently traveled and used Airbnb for the first time, then came back to join Airbnb to share the business/economy, decorate their extra room, and put it on Airbnb to rent out to make money.

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Get started on your way to financial freedom and peace of mind today by becoming a CSY5 Member.