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Producer Opportunities

Why Work With Us?

What makes BQ financial stand out?

Every Mentee new agent will bringing new customers or they are Doomed Day One! CSY5®️KaiZen will help our agents attract new customers and open up new market!

With BQ Financial as your IMO you’ll receive best support and service to enable Mentee to close the sales in order for Mentee to succeed and make money!BQ’s secret for success lies in its simple but effective comp system and organizational ability to deliver Senior Top Producer’s selling expertise to every case for every agent at the bottom personal level, with commissions split with BQ Mentors for the sales capped at 20%!

BQ enables its agents to build up their business by building up their own team for Long-term growth, with 20% sponsorship or recruiting bonus* and 6 generation Production matching bonus, a huge potential earning power for long-term maximized compensation.

In other words, BQ system must enable agent to not only bring in new potential clients but also to close the sales on the case!

BQ Financial Is At The Highest IMO Level For Our Major Carriers/Products

CSY5 is Selected from Hundreds of US-Based Top Insurers, Made Possible by the joint effort of 5 parties(companies), and Distributed through limited number of Qualified IMOs including BQ Financial.

Partnering up

Simple Acquisition Process

How do we bring in new agents/clients?

CSY5 w/ BQ: Selling is made easy in 7 Sales Processes that cover 3 demos/phases:

Be committed to the first step: Refer Clients by asking Opening Questions and you are set on your way to BQ Success!  BQ Agents only need to get involved in their own selected steps, we will take care of the rest!

  • Two ways to work with BQ, you choose how much you want to commit  
  • Full or Part-time engagement

  • Easier client management with Interactive Platform
  • Easier sales
  • Weekly Training Opportunities
  • BQ Support
  • VIP Webinar every Thursday

Become a BQ Producer Today!

Verify your producer status to receive access to program details including commission structures and platform trial.

Secure Producer Details Login

Access producer details and platform trial. If you do not have a log in Verify your producer status here first.


Two Easy Ways To Work
With BQ Financial

Start on your own platform as a  “referral agent”

Stage 1: Training Sales

Project 100
  • Leads provided if you bring 20+ qualified prospects
  • Earn $10K first-year target premium
  • 3 CSY5 cases paid

Stage 2: Get contracted with ALL carriers via BQ

Member Status
  • 5% match to your current contract; add
  • 5% upon your selling 1rst CSY5 case, i.e., your current 80% + 5% + 5% = 90% plus
  • Being able to build a team & earn
  • 20% sponsorship bonus
  • 20% Mentorship bonus
  • 6 generations of generation production matching bonuses


Frequently Asked Questions

More detailed answers can be found on our interactive platform. For more personal questions, contact us.

Until 2021 BQ had been almost exclusively focused on the Chinese-American market, which takes 1.5% of total US population, and able to stay as one of the nationally recognized top IMO for multi-carriers, and Kai-Zen since it’s inception! 


Imagine what potential it will have, now that beginning 2022, BQ financial has strategically decided to carry over its CSY5®️KaiZen success and expand it into the mainstream market, which takes up over 76% (vs. 1.5%) of the total US population with a market over 50 times bigger and wealthier!

It's potentially tax-free and leveraged up to 3 times more money. 

The answer is “to leverage”,  just like CSY5 program itself leveraging taxes strategy, client’s 5 premiums, his/her life with protections and bank’s capital, BQ comp system is to leverage every agent’s personal network, skills/capability and their desires to become successful & wealthy!

Benjamin Franklin said the best:“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn!” 

Every BQ agents are urged to involve themselves with probably the best this industry has to offer - FIUL funded CSY5®️Kai-Zen with ILIA by becoming an CSY5 owner! 

All our top CSY5 producers seem to have followed the path: purchase CSY5 policy first, and become a top producer second!

All new agents or Mentees are guaranteed to be successful if they have potential clients to begin their CSY5 business! 

All professionals who choose to trust BQ Financial and subsequently recommend CSY5, have benefited from the BQ relationship!

Become a BQ Producer Today!

Verify your producer status to receive access to program details including commission structures and platform trial.