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(Registered Indexes-Linked Annuity)

About RILA

3 Functions
3 Plans with
4 Tax Strategies

RILA terms vary from state to state. BQ advisors will provide support from account opening to ongoing maintenance according to your state of residence and specific needs!

Knowing the 3 unique functions and how to pre-set targets to capture gains and avoid losses will make you exceed the performance of many other investment pros!

Money coin in piggy bank

RILA 3 Major Functions

Function 1

Multi-Index Investing
(not index funds)

Fee: No/Low. Minimal: $10K to open the account and $50 subsequent contribution

Function 2

Upside Potentials
& Downside Protection

Both upside potentials and downside protection are superior to most other protected insurance/financial products. ​

(Please request the Rate Quote according to your residential state!)

Function 3

Performance Lock

You can pre-set performance lock for both upper and lower targets, so you can capture gains and limit losses, even when you are on vacation or asleep!

3 Plans with 4 Tax Strategies

Plan A, B and C, and rollover plans, to carry out 4 tax strategies:

1. Tax deduction
2. Lowering tax brackets
3. Tax-Deferred
4. Tax free

(For details refer to Plan A,B&C in the Home Page under RILA)
Partnering up

Don't Wait. Get Started Now!

If you work hard and don’t sow seeds, you will only miss the harvest time and lead to bad harvests; the sooner you open an account and put money to sow, the longer the value-added investing will be, and the sooner you will get financial freedom.

Three Easy Steps To
Get Started With RILA

The minimum account opening amount for a RILA account is $10,000, no special approval is required for up to $1 million, and the minimum monthly investment is $50.

Choose tax saving plan A, B or C (for details, refer to “Three Plans, Four Tax Savings” on the homepage);

According to the downside protection level and upside potential. Then monitor and adjust the index market (high/low point) at any time.

RILA Client Testimonials

Who can help you (almost for free) to automatically capture index gains, save you the hassle of researching stock picks and buying low and selling high, and more importantly, reduce, limit or even eliminate your tax and market index losses? In this way, you can “lie down and earn” for retirement tax savings! Unhappiness and success are difficult!

Ask again: who can?  The answer is: RILA (Investment Index-Linked Annuity) can!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sharing economy is to put idle excess capacity into play and share it with the public, resulting in a win-win effect of 1+1 is greater than 2, so that every participant pays a relatively small amount and maximizes the benefits!

For example, a family recently traveled and used Airbnb for the first time, then came back to join Airbnb to share the business/economy, decorate their extra room, and put it on Airbnb to rent out to make money.