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RILA or ”Registered Indexes-Linked Annuity“

3 & 6 Years Performance Strategies with no upside limits!

In 2023, BQ Financial will continue to strongly recommend 2 innovative products that your financial advisor may very well have “ignored”:

  1. RILA or ”Registered Indexes-Linked Annuity“
  2. Kai-Zen®️CSY5, Capital Saviors for You, 5Pay!

They’re epoch-making breakthroughs in the industry for the 21st century. 

Knowing that RILA’s in non-New York states offer more favorable options, let’s take RILA for NewYork with S&P 500 and Russell 2000, as examples:

As can be seen from the rates table above:

For both 3 and 6 Years Performance Strategies, there is no upside limit or cap on the stock market indexes rise, while if the indexes fall 15%, for example, because of a 10% buffer, the client’s portfolio will lose only 5%!

Whereas for 1-year Protection Strategy: If rising within 10%/11.5%, they’re all yours to gain! If you invested in S&P 500 index, you’d have lost only 8.49%, not 38.49% in 2008, and zero instead of 19.44% for 2022, all due to a 30% buffer! 

Better still, RILA is tax-deferred, tax-deductible with qualified plans like IRA or rollover 401(k), or even tax-free* with Roth IRA! Plus, dynamic rate lock can be set manually, or automatically in advance!

For details of RILA in your state, which is usually much more favorable than the NY RILA, ask us, please!

For those who can qualify, CSY5®️Kai-Zen usually performs 100-300% better than RILA, due to:

 ⁃ up to 300% matching contributions;

 ⁃ potentially tax-free distribution;

 ⁃ Interactive Learning Insider Access platform;

 ⁃ Only 5 annual payments for lifetime benefits, 

 ⁃ and more…

Please click the following link to make a 30-minute free consultation and ask for side-by-side comparisons of your money options with RILA and CSY5®️Kan-Zen, with no obligation!

BQ Financial Is The leading General insurance brokerage agency & Top IMO for CSY5®Kai-Zen nationwide!

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